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The mobile marketing strategy. When we have contact!!!

The model, designer or product maker meets Steampunk Chuck and all hell breaks loose!!! Confusion of who we are.


We can be described as a live mobile billboard that markets a product the old fashion way from door to door. We travel the United States taking images that hold their own in locations you've never thought of or would have access to. My concept is very foreign because we are alone in what we do so we get lumped in as a photographer and given the guidelines of the normal role that is expected of one.

I will help you understand and this is a no-brainer.

I will take your product, wrapped vehicle or business around the United State and present it in a way that no other marketing company on the planet is doing. The value of placing your product or business in a high visibility position is marketing 101. If you will pay $10000 a month for a billboard, give us $5000 and we will give you a minimum of twice the coverage.

The model that says she never pays in a market that is filled with trade work only, should pay us to market their business. This will help her stand out from the rest.

A clothing designer asking us to pay them to market their product is a prime example of our concept being stereotypically lumped in as a photographer.

Share this concept with businesses that you think could use us or contact us yourself.